Create success

Is it possible to create your own success?

Robert Fritz is a creativity consultant who looks at the principles behind creativity.

Fritz believes that your success is much more about what you create than what you believe. This is a very different view from the usual stance adopted by self-help gurus. How often have you heard that affirmations and making yourself believe in your own success are the keys? Fritz has this to say:

“People in the creating business have a range of self-opinions from negative to positive. And it makes NO difference to their success. The reason they create is because they want to see the creation exist. It is not about them. It is not a reflection of them. They are not hoping a successful accomplishment validates them, or heals their pain, or changes their various self-opinions.”

What about famous creators? Do geniuses suffer from self-doubt? Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, even William Shakespeare all experienced fear, lack of self esteem and crises of confidence. Did this matter? No! Because they cared more for what they were creating than about themselves.

They all had a mission much greater than their individual egos.

Maybe those affirmations you’ve been saying will help you get off to a good start. If Fritz is right, perhaps it’s more important to find a purpose in life, and create something so inspiring that it transcends your sense of self. Then doubts don’t even matter.

Check out for more of Fritz on the principles of creativity.

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