Nature is the supreme creator

Clemson clay nest by Nils-Udo (2005)

Nature is the supreme creator.

Her creative output is limitless. She creates an infinite variety of species, all of whom are interconnected. Each one has their part to play.

Nature is resourceful. She recycles everything she produces, and wastes nothing. No refuse collection is necessary with Nature; everything will decompose and return to its raw, usable organic state before long.

Nature is inventive. When natural problems occur, she finds a solution. Where temperatures soar, she creates a tree whose sap is a natural sunscreen. If the ecosystem is overpopulated by rabbits, she creates more foxes. Left in charge, Nature restores the balance.

Nature listens to her inner voice. Her self-expression is wide and varied. In her universe dwell both the mystic blue whale and the performing bird of paradise. Her paint palette holds a thousand colours, and she loves each and every one.

Nature takes risks. She will invent the most outrageous beings; dinosaurs, of teeth and claws and armour-plated skin; the duck-billed platypus; the giant redwood. She even dares to invent the wily human, who may destroy his own Mother Nature.

Nature is an analyst. She takes stock of her successes and her failures. Where she sees an opportunity for improvement, she uses clever evolution through natural selection to filter our less desirable qualities and expand on more desirable, useful qualities.

Nature is the ultimate creator. Need a lesson in creativity? Go spend some time in Nature.

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