Your problems are your opportunities

How can you turn your problems into opportunities?

Next week I have a meeting at the Institute for Creative Enterprise in which I hope to find new ways to take my company forward.

In preparation, I decided to mindmap the problems I currently have in business. I followed this with a mindmap of the opportunities I would like.

Have a look at both mindmaps.

Notice anything?


They are virtually identical!

Visual proof that our problems are actually our opportunities. There is really no difference in the details. But the two require very different approaches. By approaching a task as potentially positive, rather than negative and difficult, we approach with a strong ‘Yes!’.  Feeling like you have an opportunity, having an open mind, having hope and energy are all essential to creativity.

So next time you feel like you have a problem, make sure you take time to see the opportunities.

All that is required is a change of perception.

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