Finding space in a busy life

Do you seem to have a permanently busy schedule?  Would you like to find more space in your diary for the things you enjoy?  Ever felt like jacking it all in and leaving the country?

While attending Didier Danthois‘s workshop in June, I wanted to review my hectic life.  I had had a very busy fortnight and wasn’t enjoying having constant demands on my time.  I was thinking to reduce my workload by perhaps dropping a project or two.  I wanted more space in my life for freedom of expression.  I raised this question with Monsieur Danthois.  

He reminded me of how busy his life is, and how finding space externally is not always the answer. Didier suggested I try harnessing the power of inner space. He suggested taking a few minutes within my busy day to just breathe, and reconnect with space again.

‘Finding a work/life balance’ is a popular subject.  Usually it refers to changing the external conditions before you can achieve relaxation.  I’m not sure about this philosophy. It assumes your work is stressful and demanding.  I don’t want to change my job – I love my work! I just want to feel more relaxed and playful.  I am happy, however, to review my internal conditions. I have lots of different interests and although they keep me busy, they enrich my life.   As long as I can strike a good balance between expending energy and being energised, I’m happy.  And by changing the internal factors, by creating space, I can allow energy to flow much more freely through me.

If you want more space in your life, you don’t have to give up your worldly possessions and live in a monastery.  There are a few simple things you can do every day that will make a difference.  By developing a daily meditation practise, by allowing a few minutes every day to ground yourself, by having a playful approach to work and by remembering to breathe, you can find that space.

And space is where the magic of creativity happens.

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