Desire, sit with me awhile
And do not tell your stories.
Let me behold
Your thick, red hair,
Your blazing eyes;
Let me look deep into you
And be moved,
But not to act.

Desire, sit in silence here
And put away your sword.
I wish you for my ally,
Not my foe,
My queen,
But patient friend.

Let us come so close to one another
That the line blurs
Where you begin
And I end;
Let us not explain,
But be still and be together,
Your passion beating in my heart,
Your blood in my veins,
And waiting,

There will come a right time,
A sacred place,
The One.

Oh Desire, then
Will I unleash you,
A fury of passion,
A scarlet haze of love,
A storm of blood,
To rain down on The One.

Until then
You stay with me,
Sheathed within me,
A lion amongst feelings:

Oh Desire,
You have before in freedom charged
And blindly smote,
Been lost in lust,
And heads were rent,
And hearts were burned.

But now is peacetime,
No more rush!
You may relax,
Regain your strength.

Oh Desire,
You I feel so deep in me,
A sacral roar
That I will lift,
And soothe you pure.

I will raise you to the Heavens and hold you in the light,
And watch your deep, dark scarlet hue sanctified to white.

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