It’s our duty to (wiki)leak

Wikileaks is still running, try as Western governments might to shut them down. If I were the White House and Downing Street, I’d give up now.

Even if Assange ends up imprisoned, there are many more like him, waiting to step out of the wings.

Freedom of speech is something to celebrate in this world, and a sign of civilisation. The more free your country, the better is your human rights record. The choice of Nobel Peace Prize Winner and the release of Ang San Suu Kyi recently underline the global importance of free speech.

It seems that only politicians would have us believe Assange is a threat. The weak claims that he poses ‘a threat to security’ are timid compared to the bombshells of hypocrisy he unveils. The public want the US and other governments to face up to to the atrocities and intrigue their cables reveal. That is the main point. Not shooting the messenger, as Paulo Coelho said.

And it seems that no-one is buying the governmental line. Days after it was launched, half a million people had signed the Avaaz petition to stop the crackdown on Wikileaks. Public opinion is definitely in favour of Wikileaks and Assange.

We are sick of dishonest government, and a media and politicians who claim to represent the public, but prioritise their own greed.

The world needs us all to pull together, to create a  community that puts the future of the entire earth first, before individual gain.

If we are to truly survive this next century, and evolve a higher consciousness, we must put aside personal greed, secrets and hidden agendas.

We need more whistle blowers. It is our moral duty to work for the greater good, to uncover dishonesty, and hold up hypocrisy to the light.

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