Vow to love

We’ll lie until the clock strikes four
The only view, each other’s eyes
In silence,
Stillness in the mind –
No thoughts,
No wishes,
Nothing more
Than this
Sweet bliss;
Our souls collide,
Hearts open,
We will soar,

We’ll skip the streets
With light, light feet;
A Readybrek glow
That all will know.

We’ll play ‘Let’s Fall In Love’,
And dance a slow-slow-quick-quick-slow
Giggle as we step all wrong,
Falling over each other’s feet,
Tumbling in a silly pile,
With laughter
Ringing round the room.

Happy clowns.

The sun’s rays will wake us
Like playful children,
And smiling will be our art,
As I hold your face, you hold mine,
Like we cradle baby birds,
Close and soft and fine.

I look at you
And learn a secret
Of myself.

Drinking tea in bed,
The sprawl of lazy lions
All arms and legs,
And loving warmth.
Cosy in our hibernation,
Surfacing for food, and water
Then diving back beneath.

When we walk in beauty,
We will find
A quiet solace,
A space of peace,
Nature our priest,
And words will be too much.

Touching you,
I touch something deep within myself:
A call from the divine,
My call to you.

And your answer will lift me from this life,
And raise me to the heights.

Together we will strive
For something bigger than
Us both
A purpose-driven prayer of life,
We’ll wield the sword of light,
And shine its truth.

Your talents will be many,
Rich and sweet,
I will look at you and drink,
Drink deep.

You will listen as I read
The lines I wrote,
And smile,
And see
Inside those lines
And into me.

Our love
Will come from beyond form,
A sacred vow,
The here-and-now
Of forever’s beating heart.

This vow is mine,
And more than me
And more than you,
I will not love again
If less than this.

I will clear a you-shaped space:
When we are ready, show your face.

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