O Love, teach me

O Love, teach me how
To love this very moment now,
Teach me not to look for love
In lofty verses from above,
But how to love simplicity
In this flower, in this tree
Nature shines so vividly-
In the way you smile at me.
Let me find the mystery,
The magic’s always here you see
If you just stop, and sense, and breathe
You can touch such secrecies;
The beauty always lies beneath
The layers of form that some believe
Are real, but I prefer to peel
And see what glory is revealed.
O Life! O Love! You’re teaching me
Not to live in fantasy,
But love the very simple things that be
Around, the way that children see,
The way a fool loves;
Love, teach me.

Lyndi Smith, April 2011

Listen to an mp3 version of me reading O Love, teach me

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