Parallel universe

In a parallel universe,
I asked you to marry me
And you said yes,
So we had a hippy wedding in the forest
With so many flowers
And moved into a country cottage
With a river running by
Where you taught me how to grow veg
And I taught you how to cook tagine.

In a parallel universe,
Our garden is so beautiful,
With ancient trees, a weeping willow by the brook
And sturdy oak
And many flowers, so many flowers…

In a parallel universe
We have dogs and cats and rescued hens,
A real log fire,
A country kitchen with an Aga,
Your pictures all around the house,
My books on every shelf,
And friends forever dropping round.
My van is full of bed and camping gear,
So when the sunshine’s ours, we disappear.

We laugh and sing and dance all of the time.

But this is
Not a parallel universe
And here we’re just good friends.
In this universe,
You’re not available,
And I’m not available.

But know this.

In this universe
I can’t promise I won’t find you attractive.
I can promise I won’t make it awkward.

And just for the record,
You are bloody good.
You set the bar.
You tick every box on my love wishlist
Bar one.

You’re not blonde.

But if,
In the future,
Time should rip itself in two
And cause a split in the fabric of space,
And you find yourself
In a parallel universe,
Come look me up.

I’ve got peroxide.

(Lyndi Smith, May 2011)

7 thoughts on “Parallel universe

  1. Thank you
    You describe the parallel worldes I think many of us live in and with

    You bring mé as reader, in qand out through the parallele worlds – I låook forward to meet you the in the room in betwenn 🙂

    Kind regardes


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