Dear Mother

To my lovely mother.

You are wonderful.

I wanted to share this song with you. Song For My Mother. Click on it to listen.

I hope you like it : )

Thanks for everything you’ve ever done for me.

Lots of love xxx


About the song: I wrote this song for my mother Liz Carpenter, who is a wonderful woman. This is my mum, Liz:

This song is also dedicated to my beautiful friend Jacqualene, and her baby boy Rafferty. Rafferty was born three months prematurely, and both mother and baby nearly lost their lives. Since his birth, Rafferty needs constant care and Jacquie has been there night and day for him. She is a Super Mum too!

The music is based on the Avalokitesvara mantra, from an original version by Didier Danthois. Avalokitesvara is the buddha of compassion, and dedicated his life to letting others go first. I felt that this was very much like what our mums do for us. They put us first : )

Please share this page and download this song, for free.

And if you have enjoyed listening, please consider donating.

I intend for all donations to help children like this:

This boy is an orphan. His parents have paid for a mountain guide to take him to India, to escape the terrible regime in Tibet. He will never see his parents again.

Fortunately, the Dalai Lama has set up refugee camps and orphanages for these poor children, who arrive feeling very lonely and exhausted after a gruelling trek over the Himalya mountains.The children need food, shelter, medicine and care and these are provided for them.

But these children also need to be children. Art Refuge sends volunteers to Tibet to work with these children. They are given the opportunity to play and make art. This is a therapeutic activity and helps to reduce the stress of the children and establish some normality. Of course, the arts activities cannot work miracles and take all of their stress and sorrow away. But they can help the children to relate to others and express themselves in a positive way.

Let’s raise £1,000 to help Art Refuge to help more children! They would love to build a new classroom in Dharamsala and to follow up more children after they leave the camps.

Not sure what to give? How about $1?

Just click ‘Donate’ above. You will be directed to Paypal to make your donation and I promise, every penny collected will go to Art Refuge.

Thank you for listening : )

Lyndi xxx

(“Song For My Mother V2”. Copyright Lyndi Smith, 2012. Please download, share and listen, but all other rights including resale are reserved. Thank you.)

2 thoughts on “Dear Mother

  1. We love your mum song chop.
    Martha was giggling all the way through.
    Love Jan, Maria and Martha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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