Making space for practice



Creating an inspiring outer environment for practice can help inspire the inner environment of our mind.

Simple, cosy and settling is best. No need to shop, shop, shop for ‘just the right stuff’. This can be a distraction.

A comfortable cushion or chair and a blanket to stay warm are useful.

Those with chaotic home lives may find it easier to sit in a park, or stop the car somewhere for a few minutes to practise.

We also need to make space in our diaries too; perhaps by setting a reminder on an app like Aura, a calendar reminder or linking practice to a task, e.g. straight after a shower.

Regarding your inner space, it can be good to stretch first or do some light yoga or movement before sitting, if we feel wound up.

Cultivating a daily practice in a supportive space can help you stay stable, aware and present during life’s ups and downs.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch.



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