About Lynd

Lyndi Smith is a Brisbane-based mindfulness trainer with international charity Mind With Heart, Mindfulness Works Australia and is a qualified mindfulness meditation teacher (BSY).

Lyndi has trained in both secular and traditional mindfulness.

She started practising near-burn out ten years ago and has racked up over 4,000 hours of mindfulness practice since then. Lyndi now enjoys a happier, more balanced quality of life.

She has led over forty mindfulness-and-compassion-based programmes in the last five years.

Lyndi has designed and implemented mindfulness-and-compassion-based workplace wellbeing programmes for the Dept. of Education and Training, Kane Construction, Queensland Police Service, Teachers Health Fund and Excite Media.

She has also led meditation retreats in Australia, France and the UK.

Lyndi loves nature, especially the ocean… the sound of waves crashing… the salty breeze… relaxing onto warm sand…

She also enjoys a good laugh and finds a sense of humour offers her a new perspective when she gets stuck.

She finds mindfulness helps so many people reconnect with themselves and find moments of calm and insight —even in the middle of a busy day!

Lyndi looks forward to exploring how mindfulness works, for you.

To find out more about live or online one-on-one, group taster sessions or courses, click here.