Meditation and creative thinking

What are the similarities between meditation and creative thinking? Fundamentally, both meditation and creative thinking comprise two things: observing thinking and directing attention. Observing thinking or ‘metacognition’ trains us to notice our thinking patterns. We can see how our minds responds to different events and highlight our cognitive habits and conditioned responses. This practice can … Continue reading Meditation and creative thinking

Be playful!

Playfulness is key to creativity. When we are truly playful we are inventive and open to new ways of seeing things. An exercise that encourages play can be a good start to an ideas session. How to be playful? Look at the world with innocence and wonder, like a child. Children don’t think they have … Continue reading Be playful!

What is creativity?

What is creativity? Openness Taking risks Idea generation Problem solving Listening to your inner voice Teamwork Vision Empathy with others Being flexible Allowing yourself to fail Immersing yourself Openness to feelings Intuition Willingness to change Persistence Non-conformity Internal locus of control Accepting ambiguity Discovering Having an adventure Curiosity Sense of humour Adapting your skills Thinking … Continue reading What is creativity?

Create success

Is it possible to create your own success? Robert Fritz is a creativity consultant who looks at the principles behind creativity. Fritz believes that your success is much more about what you create than what you believe. This is a very different view from the usual stance adopted by self-help gurus. How often have you … Continue reading Create success