Lyndi’s recordings as a mindfulness meditation teacher are featured on several apps.

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Aura has been voted #1 by Apple and uses AI to deliver 3- and 7-minute mindfulness meditations, according to your mood. The app features hundreds of free meditations, a community, and you can set alerts to remind you to practise during your day. As an Aura Teacher, Lyndi’s channel is called You Unlimited and has over 7,000 subscribers.

Insight Timer is the world’s most popular meditation app. It’s free to download. You can also listen to Lyndi’s tracks there, just search for ‘Lyndi Smith’ or ‘Mind With Heart’.

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Here are some audio you can stream right now, to help you practise mindfulness or compassion…

The best way to learn mindfulness meditation is to join a class. Here, you can dialogue with a teacher about your needs and help shape a practice to fit your lifestyle.

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