Loving Kindness

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Loving kindness is a practice of good will: wishing that we and others might be happy.

The practice dates back at least two and a half thousand years, and the principles of loving kindness are found in all societies and spiritual traditions.

Loving kindness practice encourages us to be open-hearted and good-natured. We spend time wishing kindness for ourselves before offering that kindness to others.

Sometimes in life, we’ve felt hurt or wounded, and our ability to love becomes guarded or even shut down. The practice of loving kindness helps us to go beyond these negative emotions and connect again with our soft spot, our natural empathy and kindness, opening up our hearts and enabling us to truly love others.

Scientists have measured the benefits of loving kindness and research suggests that this type of practice can lead to substantial boosts in our happiness and well-being and makes us feel closer to others, even strangers, and react more positively towards people in general.¹

So why not give it a go?

The 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion course is founded on the practice of loving kindness.

Rigpa Brisbane also offer a monthly drop-in Loving Kindness practice and weekend workshops led by very experienced instructors.

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Please note that we have a policy of not turning anyone away for financial reasons. Please get in touch if you would like to come but cannot afford it.

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¹from research by Barbara Frederickson and Emma Seppälä