Mindfulness in the Workplace

Are your workforce suffering from stress?

Work can be a stressful place, and as companies are improving productivity while keeping an eye on the bottom line, many employees find themselves with more responsibilities than ever.

Recently, Medibank reported that stress-related absenteeism costs Australian employers $10.11 billion a year.

While we cannot eliminate all stress from the workplace, some companies like Nike, Apple and Google are doing what they can to help employees relax, through on-site mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness is proven to reduce stress and support mental health and employee wellbeing.

How can mindfulness help?

The practice of mindfulness helps us feel calm, centred and undistracted.

Exhausted minds lead to burn out or even breakdown and exercises such as mindfulness of breath trigger our relaxation response and helps us let go of anxious thoughts. By cultivating self-awareness, we learn to identify stress earlier; our worries, moods, the sensations of tension. Some stress is unavoidable, so by practising working with our experience, rather than resisting it, we can gradually build up our tolerance to stress.

Mindfulness cannot reduce working hours or workload, but it can help staff find skilful ways to relax, manage anxiety and build emotional resilience.

Mindfulness and compassion for staff wellbeing

Reconnected is a 6-week or 8-week programme that uses evidence-based tools to help staff reduce stress and increase wellbeing through mindfulness and compassion. This programme was designed for Teachers Health Fund and has been running in Brisbane schools, the Queensland Dept. of Education and Training and companies like Excite Media.

Mindfulness Works offer a 4-week introduction to mindfulness with rave reviews. Over 10,000 people in Australia and New Zealand have participated in the programme since 2012.

Do my workforce need or want mindfulness?

Before embarking on any wellbeing programme, it’s a good idea to identify the needs of your workforce. Management-level engagement is key to your programme’s success.

From approaching management to need analysis, from taster sessions through to delivery and evaluation, we can help tailor-make a programme that is right for you and your organisation, with outcomes that can be measured.

We want to help you implement a wellbeing programme that actually works, and we’re happy to come in and consult management and employees first. We offer a taster session that gives staff a chance to try mindfulness before booking anything longer.

Won’t this cost a lot of money?

A well-implemented mindfulness programme can actually save your organisation money.

Many companies are already spending money on replacing employees in the short-term or long-term due to stress. Medibank reported that 3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress. That’s a cost of over $1000 per worker, per year —not to mention the costs involved in staff turnover.

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