Mindfulness with Teenagers

Lyndi works for the charity Mind With Heart Australia, helping introduce mindfulness into schools for staff and student wellbeing.

She has trained in both traditional and secular mindfulness, has a background in performing arts and teaching and seven years experience teaching mindfulness to teenagers, children and adults. 

She has instructed on over twenty-five different curricula for young people including the Mind With Heart programmes Connected With Myself and compassion-based Connected With Others.


I really love working with teenagers. They never take anything too seriously and care deeply about the world and humanity. Like all of us, they too experience stress and suffering and I am inspired by their bravery and vulnerability in facing the challenges of modern life.

To contribute to helping young people connect with themselves in a way that grounds them throughout their entire lives thrills me. Am excited that I regularly get the opportunity to work with teens on retreat.

Insight Mindfulness Education retreats are amazing opportunities for teens aged 15 to 19 to practise meditation, connect with themselves and other like-minded teens. There’s a full staff of trained adult holders, including meditation teachers, psychologists, counsellors and education professionals.

I also work for a charity called Mind With Heart, taking mindfulness-and-compassion-based programmes into schools.

Every year since 2012, I have helped run retreats with teenagers and children for meditation organisation Rigpa, including over twenty-five retreats in France, the UK and Australia.

See YouTube video ‘All About The Breath’ to see the creative fruit of one summer’s meditation adventures with teenagers! 


Lyndi started practising mindfulness meditation and yoga ten years ago when close to burn out. The practices had a massive impact on her life, and are now the rock she rests her happiness on.

Lyndi finds dancing and being in nature also help her enjoy the present, connect with herself and feel alive.

For details of teen retreats, click on the links above, or get in touch. Lyndi also offers local mindfulness meditation classes for families in the home, by private arrangement.