Do you need some breathing space?

A chance to let go of stress, anxiety, negativity and depression?

Do you want to become more open, calm and clear? To feel a greater sense of belonging and well-being?

Mindfulness has helped me to get to know my own mind, and discover a sense of well-being that doesn’t rely on money, the weather, material goods or other people.

Lyndi has trained in both secular and traditional mindfulness. To find out more about her experience as a practitioner and instructor, click here.

Lyndi offers four-week courses, mini-retreats and workshops for individuals through Mindfulness Works.

She also offers taster sessions and courses in mindfulness for the workplace.

The six-week or eight-week Reconnected programme to the Queensland Dept. of Education and Training, Teachers Health Fund and in various schools around Brisbane.

This programme uses evidence-based tools and is the subject of a funded research project in 2017.

Find out more about compassion classes here.

Want to try mindfulness right now?

Here is a 15-minute practice of Mindfulness of Body and Breath.