Be playful!

Playfulness is key to creativity. When we are truly playful we are inventive and open to new ways of seeing things. An exercise that encourages play can be a good start to an ideas session.

How to be playful? Look at the world with innocence and wonder, like a child. Children don’t think they have all the answers. They are not judgemental. And they are truly inventive. A stick can become a spear, a flag, a dancing partner…

THE PROPS GAME is a simple exercise in imagination and playfulness. For this game you need a simple prop like a stick, a frisbee or a traffic cone. Pass the item around. Each person must find a different use for the item. Other players can guess what the prop is supposed to be.

If you get ‘stuck’ trying to think, simply play with the prop, roll it around in your hands, let it rest on your body and see what happens. Ideas will come, if you stay open.

Allow under-confident beginners the space to say “Pass” if they like. Soon they will be inspired by watching the the other’s imaginative expressions.

This game is very useful before beginning an ideas meeting.

You can also play this game solo, if you want. What is important is the sense of wonder and mystery. Look at the pen on your desk. Roll it around in your fingers. Can it become a moustache? A phone? A magic wand? Yes! And a thousand other things too.

Just enjoy the moment, open your imagination and play.