For authentic inspiration, go on a media diet

Try this detox from popular media for two weeks and see how you become more authentically inspired. This can help you listen more to your inner voice and less to voices from outside.

In those two weeks, you can listen to music, read, see friends, watch films but do not not tune into popular media like TV or radio. You must only pay attention to those things you really want to bring into your life: inspirational, positive things.

Tune into how you are feeling during your free time and only engage in activities you really want to do.

This is an ideal time to rekindle old artistic flames: that life drawing you used to love; that old album you haven’t listened to for years. It is also a good time to take a class or start new ventures.

It’s easy to replace watching ‘American Idol’ with an activity close to your heart; maybe reading that poetry you used to love.

After just two weeks, notice how your thought patterns and ideas have changed. They will seem more authentic, more attuned to you.

That’s because you are now consciously bringing what you want into your life, and eliminating what you don’t want.

You’ll shed pound and pounds of mindless entertainment you never needed anyway.

Try the Media Diet and detox your mind. It’s liberating.