Spring energy and creativity

Spring equinox is upon us and like me, you may be asking how to use the new seasonal energy to start new projects.

Now is a good time to make resolutions for the coming year, or ask questions which you’d like to have answered in the next twelve months.

Examples of spring equinox resolutions:
“How can I better integrate playfulness into my life?”
“Please let my career destiny become clear this year.”
“I want more leisure time and more income.”
“I want more opportunities for travel.”

The energies present in each season can be used for good creative effect. Winter is a good time to go inwards, and reflect on the past year. Spring is perfect for starting new projects or relationships, planting ideas and working hard to support ideas grow.
Summer is great for easy organisation, taking your time and integrating relaxation and play into your work. Autumn is the season of harvest, so don’t be surprised if opportunities you had forgotten about surface here. Autumn energies also call for perspiration on a project before you share the fruit of your labours.

Of course your creative endeavours can’t always follow the natural rhythms. It is okay to start things in December! But if you start to harmonise your labours with these cycles, you might be surprised by how your creativity flows even more freely.