“I got some great insight, thank you Lyndi.” — Joe

“Very soothing voice. Easy to follow. Found myself in a very peaceful focused space.” — Julie

“A great intro to mindfulness. Practically-based, which was fantastic. Engaged well with the group, really easy to listen to.” — Geoff

“The breathing exercises helps me in a range of situations – helping me to feel calm, going to sleep, taking time out, etc.” — Steph

“I felt when practising able to handle my days better.” — Anon

“I’ve found the informal practices such as stopping and asking myself what I need, and using the Self-Compassion Break, to be really helpful.” — Kevin

“The perfect climate for learning and exploring mindfulness and self-compassion. It’s amazing what others tell you when you give compassion.” — Jolanda

“I really felt the benefit around my daughter. She said, ‘Mummy, when you’re calm, I’m calm.'” — Jill

“Lyndi was amazing. Professional, thoughtful and epitome of all that is mindfulness.” — Brett

“Many thanks for a wonderful experience and learning.” — Debbie